WTAE’s Andrew Stockey and Dan Taylor unveil the 2018 PVGP poster during the Auto Show’s Dancing with the Cars event.


The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix’s poster for 2018 was revealed for the first time during the recent Pittsburgh International Auto Show. WTAE TV-4 anchor Andrew Stockey and the PVGP’s Dan Taylor unveiled the 2018 PVGP poster during the Auto Show.

BMW is the PVGP Marque of the Year so the poster shows a 1974 BMW 2002 Turbo on the track in traditional white race livery.  The number 36 on the driver’s door signifies the 36th annual PVGP. This year also marks the 50th anniversary of the BMW 2002’s introduction to the United States. The BMW 2002 is one of the most popular cars on the track and on the show field at the PVGP.

The BMW Car Club of America has designated the PVGP for its Oktoberfest celebration this summer so look out for hundreds of 2002 and BMWs of all years. Each year, the BMW CCA holds its preeminent national celebration of all things BMW in a different location around the country. It is the ultimate motorsport family reunion, including parties, banquets, vendors, track days, autocrosses, rallies, a concours and more!  2018 is also the 50th Anniversary of the BMW 2002 in North America – we will have dozens of them on the track both weekends, at our Race Week events and on the fairways of Schenley Park. Details

The illustration was created by the immensely talented UK artist Guy Allan. The striking image will also be reproduced for the Race Program, t-shirts, hats and in 2018 advertising – it will essentially be the brand of the 2018 PVGP.

Guy Allen

(Profile from guyallen.co.uk/about2)
Childhood obsessions can often be traced back to a single event. For me it was standing in a forest on a cold, damp November morning and experiencing the visceral thrill of a Group B rally car at close quarters. The event was the 1983 RAC Rally. The car, the Audi Quattro of Finland’s Hannu Mikkola. I was hooked.

Spool forward a decade and my teenage years spent poring over car magazines had given way to an art school education, followed by a successful career as a graphic designer. But the car bug never quite left me.

In 2004 I decided to take a sideways career move, and made my first foray into automotive illustration. Since that time I’ve enjoyed the support of trusting magazine editors, enthusiastic corporate clients, and countless customers, allowing me the freedom to experiment, and the time to develop my style.

Whether I’m working on an editorial cartoon, a corporate commission, or a new print release, my aim is always to go beyond simply depicting a car, by attempting to capture something of its character; the visual drama of a Lamborghini Countach, the cuteness of a Fiat 500, or the raw energy of Mikkola’s Quattro.

We are sure glad Guy attend that Royal Automobile Club Rally back in 1983 – that was just a few months after we completed our first PVGP race. Here is a video of the 1983 Rallye, maybe you can spot Guy in the crowd somewhere!