Driver’s Reception

The PVGP hosts a reception for our races and their crew on Friday night in nearby Squirrel Hill. It’s a parade, a car show and a happy hour with appetizers at Orr’s Jewelers on Forbes Avenue.

PVGP Driver’s Reception
Orr’s Jewelers in Squirrel Hill
Friday, July 21, 2023
6:30 – 8:30 PM

Vintage race cars thunder through Squirrel Hill on their way to a car display on Forbes Avenue. On Friday night, our “Forbes Avenue of Speed” Race Car Parade & Display in nearby Squirrel Hill is a great opportunity to meet the drivers and see the race cars up close. Vintage racers will parade from the paddock, through Squirrel Hill, and then park up and down Forbes Avenue for a unique car show.

Racers leave the paddock in parade formation from the starting grid at 6:15, right after the driver’s meeting ends at 6:00. We encourage them to make the trip in their race cars and park along Forbes Avenue in Squirrel Hill. You can drive up in your support vehicle too, but we ask that you not park with the race cars. The event runs from 6:30 until 8:30 PM.

Friday’s parade and car show are open to the public and there is no charge to come and watch. This is a great way to meet our drivers, grab some dinner and shop in Squirrel Hill. Please join us for this preview of the cars that will race through Schenley Park on the weekend.

Parade Route and Procedures

Stage 75-100 race cars along the bottom of Beacon Street between Hobart and our street closure.

  • Mandatory PVGP Drivers Meeting held in Schenley Park will end at 6:00 pm Friday night. It will take 15 minutes to stage race cars at the bottom of Beacon Street. Beacon Street is closed to the public at 6:00 that night so the portion we stage on will not have traffic.
  • The parade will consist mainly of race cars with a dozen or so sponsor cars.
  • Police escort needed with access through all traffic lights and stop signs – race cars do not have cooling systems.
  • Volunteers can help to control traffic at intersections.
  • Cars to remain behind police escort throughout the parade to control speed.

In-bound Parade to leave Beacon Street at approximately 6:20 PM

  • Parade to move up Beacon Street toward Squirrel Hill, crossing over Murdoch Street, Wightman Street, Murray Avenue and turning left on Shady Avenue. Proceed down Shady Avenue past Bartlett Street and Darlington Road intersections and turn left onto Forbes Avenue.
  • Cars to arrive starting 6:30 pm and park on Forbes Avenue between Shady Avenue and Murray Avenue.
  • The entire block is closed to public cars from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm, a lane will be left open for emergency vehicles and exit.
  • Cars will be on display until 8:30 pm.
  • No parking on the block will be posted and enforced starting at 5:00 pm on Friday.

Out-bound Parade to leave Forbes Avenue at approximately 8:30 PM

  • All cars to depart simultaneously at 8:30 pm.
  • Police escorted parade down Forbes, left on Wightman, right on Beacon, left on Hobart and right on Prospect into the paddock.
#PVGP Driver Reception by Matthew Little 2021