Media Credentials

To obtain Media Credentials for the 2023 PVGP you must submit a request before July 1, 2023. Qualified media will be notified and mailed parking/gate passes and details prior to the event. Fields marked * are required. Please fill out individually - one form per person.

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Please Provide Your Social Media Handles

These are the social media handles that you will be posting to during the event. Please use the #PVGP hashtag in any of your posts. If you plan on posting to more that one account during the PVGP, please include all handles, separated by a comma.




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Schenley Park Hot Pass

Only complete this if you are interested in a hot pass for Schenely Park. To obtain a hot pass for the PVGP Historic Races at Pittsburgh International Race Complex, please visit the PIRC website and complete their form.
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By Clicking "Yes" you have read and understood the Schenely Hot Pass rules on the Media Credentials page.
Please provide a minimum of two links to races/events you have covered with a hot pass. If you've never had a hot pass, put N/A but we will need to discuss the responsibilities of a hot pass when you check in at Schenley Park.

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