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The 2017 Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix…35 Years of Thrills

June 30, 2017 Pittsburgh, PA – The thrill of vintage automobile racing and reverence for automotive excellence are the underpinning of every vintage auto event.

There are hundreds of them — races, car shows, tours, rallyes, parties and parades.  The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix combines all of these into a class by itself…35 years… each year better than the year before.  It has grown from one day of vintage auto racing to an internationally acclaimed 10-day celebration of the automobile – and a treasured tradition of our special city.
Why?  What has captivated and consumed so many –the founders, the racers, car owners, sponsors, spectators, and the volunteers — who join us every year in growing numbers?

The formula is the same, including our city’s role as a solid partner in our event’s growth.  But there is one ingredient that few, if any, of the others possess:  From Day One, proceeds of $4.75 million, have helped the Autism Society of Pittsburgh and Allegheny Valley School, two area charities, to improve the lives of people they exist to serve – namely, individuals and their families living with autism and intellectual/developmental disabilities.

It’s a race where everybody wins, the charities, the city, the sponsors and everybody who participates – with a reward far beyond the sheer joy of it – knowing that in the process of enjoying yourself, you are giving that chance to many others who often can not.

It is this community service component of the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix that justifies the time and effort of the volunteers and participants, and the investment by our region’s businesses and corporate leaders — all of whom we especially thank every year – and perhaps can never thank enough.

Now in our 35th year we are grateful that so many of you enjoy all that our Grand Prix has to offer.  We are also grateful for a venue like Schenley Park and a city like Pittsburgh where an event such as ours can come together and grow.

This is why the volunteers do what they do…donating $405,500 to our charities this past year – another new record!