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Historic Racers,

We are excited to celebrate our 41st year this summer and our 19th year racing at the fabulous Pittsburgh International Race Complex.

The Vintage Racer Group will be partnering with us again this year and we are working toward adding more track time for everyone. Registration is now open Here are the race groups:

  • Small Bore & Formula Vee
  • Medium Bore
  • Big Bore & Ground Pounders
  • Formula Ford Challenge Series
  • Modern Historics – including BMW Club and ferrari Challenge cars
  • Shelby Spotlight Race – Saturday afternoon

Pittsburgh International Race Complex continues to make updates and improvements to the facility, including the completion of the new Administrative Center at the base of spectator hill.

Joe Teplitz
Competition Director

Ken Murin
PVGP Historics – Race Operations


Historics at Pitt Race July 13-16, 2023

Entry Fees:

– Early (before May 21) $575
– Regular $625
– Late: (after June 27) $675
– Shelby Race on Saturday afternoon $50
Thursday, July 13 Test & Tune on full track at PIRC: $250 (no half-day)
– 2nd or 3rd Car/Same Driver or Same Car/Same Driver -2 Groups: $225
Garage Rental: $400
– Additional Crew (driver and 2 crew are included with entry):  $30 Each Includes dinner Saturday
Modern Historics Group Changes – welcoming BMW Club and Ferrari Challenge cars

The PVGP is redefining the Modern Historic Group starting in 2023. This is a group of cars that are newer than vintage, but more than 20 years old. These represent, in part, the next generation of vintage racers. It will be one run group with multiple classes. Displacement between 2.5 – 5.7 liters. Production and selected other cars 20 years or older (Pre 2003). Includes newer models which were continuations during the time frame. Includes many of the BMWs that ran with us for the past 15 years as part of the BMWCCA Group, including all model year E46 chassis. Slicks are permitted. Period correct aerodynamics are permitted.

Request for entry into this group for this group will be approved based on car appearance and driver history. Entries requesting to participate in Modern Historics must submit CURRENT photos of their cars.  Cars must be presented at the track in a clean and neat condition. Dents, rippled panels, unrepaired damage, tape, primer and visible rust will not be allowed. 

Ferrari is our 2023 Marque of the year so the PVGP is inviting Ferrari Challenge cars to come race with us. Open to 2003 and earlier Ferraris with certain exceptions made. If we can garner enough Ferrari entries we will create a dedicated Ferrari Marque Race. This could also become a regular group. Please contact Joe Teplitz to inquire.

1968 Datsun PL 510 by Bill Stoler 2021 #PVGP

PVGP and Vintage Racer Group Combining Efforts at Historics at Pitt Race

The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix (PVGP) and the Vintage Racer Group (VRG) are pleased to announce that they will be combining efforts for the PVGP Historics at Pittsburgh International Race Complex (PIRC). This team combines the foremost vintage racing organization in the East with one of the premier race events in the country. 

In the 18 years since its inception in 2004, the PVGP Historics at PIRC has grown to establish itself as a premier stand-alone vintage and historic race weekend. The challenging and beautiful 2.8-mile circuit is reminiscent of the great race circuits of the past. For many, racing at Pitt Race is the lynchpin of their race season and so the PVGP Historics has become a must-attend race on the historic and vintage circuit.

The VRG is a non-profit vintage race organization, run by racers, for racers. It is best known for its focus on safety and for its ability to run efficient race events. The addition of the PVGP Historics to the VRG schedule puts this great event right in the middle of a race season that begins in April at VIR, with race weekends at The Jefferson 500 at Summit Point in May, Thompson Vintage Festival in June and finishes with the Lime Rock Fall Festival in September, The Bog at Watkins Glen in October and the Turkey Bowl at Summit Point in November.

PVGP Executive Director Dan DelBianco stated “VRG members have supported our races since their club was formed back in 2005. We are looking forward to a great partnership developing as the PVGP Historics get bigger and better each year. We anticipate a large number of VRG members will participate and provide some great racing in Beaver County. This event is a major fundraiser for our charities and kicks off our 10-day event each July that concludes with the PVGP vintage races through Schenley Park the following weekend. We encourage competitors to return and race at Schenley Park and we provide free storage of rigs so that racers can tow once and race twice.”

Pittsburgh International Race Complex’s Kathy Stout is equally excited about the arrangement affirming “Congratulations to PVGP and VRG on their partnership to continue the growth of vintage racing in the Eastern United States.  We are excited to promote and host this premier event at our facility.”

The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Historics are sponsored by Ford, who is proud to lend its name to this race as the road-course event has grown in popularity and track length. From its first event in 2004, PVGP Historics has grown over the past decade to establish itself as a stand-alone vintage and historic race weekend.

Pittsburgh International Race Complex’s purpose-built track, 40 miles northwest of Pittsburgh, provides the perfect venue for the legends of the 1960s and early 1970s to thunder through the Pennsylvania countryside while providing plenty of racing room and safety features. The addition of the 1.2-mile South Track stretches the facility out to a heart-pounding 2.8 miles.

The Complex is the ideal venue for racing iconic American performance cars, such as Camaro’s, Mustangs and Corvettes. In addition, it’s the perfect place to feature exciting open-wheel racing with Formula Fords and Formula Juniors. The best of Europe is represented as well by BMW, Porsche, Jaguar, Lotus and Alfa Romeo.

As we did last year, we plan to keep our event to three full days with a fourth day for Test & Tune. We will use a dual entry form for both race weekends – allowing entrants to take advantage of several discounts. For those planning to leave their rigs at Pitt Race between events, we will store them at the track during the week – at no cost to competitors.  Access to the facility will be available on Wednesday, July 12 – Gates will open for competitors at 6:00 PM. There will also be no additional camping charge if you are staying overnight.  

Dual Registration

Our registration system accepts single entries for both race weekends and allows for discounts for participants of both events. Accommodations will be made to store cars for free at PIRC during the week between races if you are participating in both events. With a week of events scheduled between race weekends, the Grand Prix is hoping that participants will choose to stay in town for the whole 10 days.

Pitt Race Track Waiver

Racers, crew and PVGP volunteers must all go online to register before the event. The waiver form will be available on July 1, 2023. Once you arrive at the track you will be asked your name and the track will snap a quick photo and you get right in. If you don’t complete this online form beforehand you will need to pull out of line and complete the form on your phone which could take 10 or more minutes.

PVGP Mission

The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix’s mission remains the same as when it was established back in 1983 “To host a world-class vintage race event that celebrates our automotive heritage and raises money for charity.” In the original spirit of vintage racing that took place on public roads in the 1940s and 1950s, our vintage races through the streets of Schenley Park will continue to present a safe and friendly environment for our drivers and fans. The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix is and always will be a charity event. Thanks in great part to our racers, over $6 million has been raised since 1983. These funds directly help individuals in western Pennsylvania affected by autism and intellectual & developmental disabilities. The PVGP is truly a race where everybody wins! Read more on our Charities.


The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand has been one of the leading vintage race organizations in the country when it comes to establishing driver and track safety for road courses. With the assistance of the Steel Cities Region of the SCCA, we have set the standard, nationwide, for safety set-up and procedures. As a valuable member of the Vintage Motorsports Council, the PVGP has consulted with numerous vintage race venues to help them establish safety regulations and procedures based on our 40 years of experience and expertise. See our Racers Conduct Policy.

We will continue to uphold these standards for the safety of our racers, volunteers, and fans. The races at Schenley Park constitute the most challenging circuit in vintage racing. With stone walls, curbs, phone poles and 23 off-camber turns – there is little room for error. New drivers will be required to attend a special meeting to review the track and its unique requirements.

Car Preparation

Applicants must have a competition license and be a member in good standing with a race organization. Cars that qualify within our Race Groups will be scrutineered by the PVGPA based upon the vehicle preparation and safety equipment rules of their respective vintage race organizations. There will be a few local rules, the most important restriction that applies for all racers is that slick tires are not permitted.
2023 PVGP Tech Sheet – PDF

Medical Requirements

The PVGP will accept your vintage race organization’s medical credentials. It is now required that drivers have passed a physical within the last two years, or within one year if over the age of 60.

2023 PVGP Medical Form- PDF 

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