PVGP Historics – 2024 Race Groups

Small-Bore & Formula Vee

Eligible small-bore production cars up to 1974. Includes Mini Cooper, Triumph, Turner, Austin-Healey Sprite, MG Midget and MG TD. Open wheel Formula 3 and Formula Vee, examples include Lynx, Caldwell, Autodynamics and Zink. 


Eligible medium-bore production and special cars up to 1974. A wide variety of popular sports cars including BMW 2002, Datsun 510, Elva Courier, Triumph GT6, MGB, Alfa Romeo, Lotus Europa and Elan.

Big-Bore & Ground Pounders

Big-Bore: Eligible production and special cars typically from 2.0 to 3.0 liters.  Eligible cars from 1976 and earlier (later cars must be approved). Big-time excitement with Austin Healey 100, Chevrolets, Porsche 911 and Datsun 240Z.

Ground Pounders: Large displacement production and special cars over 3.0 liters. Eligible cars up to 1972 (later cars must be approved). Ground-pounding racing with Mustang, Shelby, GT40, Corvette, Camaro, Sunbeam Tiger, Jaguar and Ferrari.

Formula Ford Challenge Series

Hosted by the Formula Ford Challenge Series at the VRG. All cars must have a Ford Engine per SCCA or Monoposto rules and must run on vintage Formula Ford treaded tires.  There will be a class within the overall race group for most Formula Fords manufactured between 1967 and 1981. Post-1981 Fords subject to approval. 

Vintage Sports 2000

The PVGP welcomes Vintage Sports 2000 North America. They are dedicated to racing and preserving Sports 2000 cars of every year and marque and they are both amateur and former professional drivers. This is a restricted-rules class of two-seat, mid-engined, open-cockpit, full-bodied sports-prototype racecar used largely in amateur road racing. Sometimes known as S2000 or S2, the class was developed by John Webb of the Brands Hatch racing circuit in England, as an affordable form of sports car racing, essentially a sports car version of the Formula Ford 2000. VS2NA has 144 registered drivers from 29 different states and Canada.

Historic Stock Cars

This new Race Group is hosted by the Historic Stock Car Racing Association. Their mission is the preservation of stock cars – bringing history back to life in the form of spirited competition. the HSCRA Race Series creates an exciting opportunity for spectators to see these awesome historic machines race as they were intended to do. Most importantly, they create a welcoming environment for fans to have access to the cars and drivers.

GT40 Reunion Group

The GT40 60th Reunion joins the PVGP in 2024. This includes all Ford GT variants, from the original 1964 Ford GT, which became the GT40 in both Mk I and Mk II versions, the Mk IV which won both races it entered, the reborn 2005-2006 Ford GT and the latest in the GT lineup, the 2017-2024 Ford GT. Ford-powered, accurate replicas like Superformance are also welcome to race. Qualified, race-prepared cars can also run with PVGP in the Ground Pounders Group all weekend. Participants will have open track sessions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with a special GT40 only race Sunday afternoon.