Marque & Spotlight History

The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix began the practice of honoring a specific car brand beginning with our third race back in 1985. Many of auto racing’s preeminent manufacturers have been recognized at our event.

French for “brand,” marque (pronounced “mark”) refers to a brand name given to a line of automobiles. For example, Mercedes-Benz is a marque, whereas the Mercedes-Benz 560SL is a make of the Mercedes-Benz marque. Industry consolidation has slightly clouded this designation, but marque is still used to define a particular line of vehicles. It is a term typically reserved, however, for the more prestigious motoring brands.

PVGP Marques of the Year

1985 Lotus
1986 Jaguar
1987 Morgan
1988 Lancia
1989 Mercedes-Benz
1990 Alfa Romeo
1991 MG
1992 Ferrari
1993 Corvette
1994 Porsche
1995 Austin-Healey
1996 Jaguar
1997 15th Anniversary – all Marques
1998 BMW
1999 Mercedes-Benz
2000 Audi/Auto Union
2001 Bentley
2002 Porsche
2003 Corvette
2004 Mini Cooper
2005 Mustang
2006 Jaguar
2007 Mercedes-Benz
2008 Italian Cars
2009 BMW
2010 Audi
2011 Porsche
2012 MG
2013 Ford Mustang
2014 Mini Cooper
2015 The Cars of Italy
2016 Jaguar
2017 Camaro
2018 BMW
2019 Shelby & Mustang
2021 Corvette
2022 Porsche
2023 Ferrari
2026 Jaguar

PVGP Spotlight Car Shows

The PVGP revived the “Spotlight Car Show” in 2009 to recognize significant cars and car clubs that have supported our event over the years. In 2023 with the continued growth of our event we expanded the Spotlight to include multiple Spotlight Car Shows.

2009 Volkswagen
2010 Corvette
2011 The Cars of Carrol Shelby
2012 Lotus
2013 Packard
2014 Pontiac GTO
2015 Thunderbird
2016 Mazda Miata
2017 Studebaker
2018 Subaru
2019 Alfa Romeo
2022 Dodge Viper
2023 Panoz, Land Rover

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