Parking & Shuttles – Schenley Park

Public parking is available on Flagstaff Hill, across the street from Phipps Conservatory on the August 3-4, 2024 weekend. Free air-conditioned shuttle buses will take you to the golf course and the Start/Finish line. Your $30 donation will benefit our charities. Wristbands are given to a maximum of 2 adults in the car giving you weekend access. The parking lot opens at 8:00 AM and shuttles run from 8:00 AM until 6:00 PM. Credit cards are accepted.

GoogleMap link to Flagstaff Hill

Flagstaff Hill Parking

Handicap Parking

We have a designated area at the base of Flagstaff Hill by the shuttle stop for handicap parking. We also have a handicap shuttle bus to take you up to the golf course. There are no golf carts available for rent.

Main Line Shuttle

This shuttle departs Flagstaff Hill and goes up Frew Street and then turns left stops along Schenley Drive with stops at:
– Tech Street/ Schenley Drive
– European Car Show (Gate E)
– American Car Show (Gate B)
– Vendor Village (Gate A).
The bus proceeds to the Forbes Avenue/Schenley Drive intersection and turns left and returns to Flagstaff Hill via Forbes Avenue. The shuttle does not stop for pick-ups going down Forbes Avenue.

Start/Finish Shuttle

A limited number of the shuttles are designated for the Start/Finish Line Gate on Beacon Street. This shuttle departs Flagstaff Hill and goes up Frew Street and turns left on Tech Street and then right onto Margaret Morrison Street before turning right to go up Forbes Avenue. It makes a stop at Forbes Avenue/Schenley Drive intersection then proceeds right on Wightman Street and finally right onto Beacon Street. It drops off and picks up at the Beacon Street Gate, turns around and returns to Flagstaff Hill, making a stop at Forbes Avenue/Schenley Drive intersection and then down to Flagstaff Hill.

Please note that because of road closures for the race, we no longer running the outer loop shuttle to the  top of the paddock at Guarino Road and Hobart Street. We also discontinued the shuttle to the Vietnam Pavilion. You can now drive there directly and park beside the pavilion. The Vietnam Pavilion is a popular vantage point for our handicapped spectators.