Trailer Parking

Trailer Parking for Car Show Participants – August 3-4, 2024

The immense popularity of our International Car Show at Schenley Park has helped elevate our event to new heights, including the number of cars and trailers, causing us to make some adjustments to our parking procedure for trailers that are used to transport show cars.

Trailers are not permitted on the golf course. With the heavy traffic congestion and limited turn-around space at the golf course, it is recommended that you park your tow vehicle and trailer off-site, unload your car and then drive it up Forbes Avenue to Schenley Drive where you will enter the car show.

Option 1: Frew Street You will enter from Schenley Drive after crossing the bridge from the Schenley Plaza. We suggest using Phipps Conservatory as the GPS location. Frew Street runs from Schenley Drive near the Phipps Conservatory to Tech Street which is just below the car show entrances. Our suggestion here is to park in such an angle to leave the rear of your trailer accessible for unloading/loading. We can park 25 trailers along the length of this street. We need to keep the lane open for busses but we can use the length of the street.

Option 2: Flagstaff Hill If Frew Street is full you will need to pay the $30 and park your trailer on Flagstaff Hill. You should unload your car there and then drive it up to the golf course.

Phipps Conservatory is shown along the bottom with Flagstaff Hill in the middle. Frew Street starts at the large intersection on the left and winds along the top of the photo in front of the buildings at Carnegie Mellon University.