Trailer Parking

Trailer Parking for Car Show Participants – August 3-4, 2024

.The growth of our International Car Show at Schenley Park has helped elevate our event to new heights, but with 3,000 show cars, there is no space on the golf course to park trailers and tow vehicles. Schenley Park is in a tightly congested area with limited parking lot options so if you decide to bring your car on a trailer, you have limited options during the event:

Option 1: Flagstaff Hill Parking
You must pay $50 daily to park your trailer and tow vehicle on Flagstaff Hill. This is the large gently sloping grass hill across the street from Phipps Conservatory – see image below. You must enter from Schenley Drive after crossing the bridge from Schenley Plaza. We suggest using Phipps Conservatory as the GPS location. Once your have paid and parked, you can unload your car and drive it up to the golf course. Details on Flagstaff Hill Parking.

Option 2: Surface Parking Lots
There are limited parking lots in Oakland that can accommodate a trailer with a tow vehicle. A listing will be posted in June.

Option 3: Hotel Partners
The PVGP has a list of partner hotels that can accommodate their guests trailer and tow vehicle – see our Event Connect Partners


Flagstaff Hill Parking is shown in the middle of the image. Phipps Conservatory is at the bottom.

Free Shuttle Bus Route Map – transports you to the Car Show on the Bob O’Connor Golf Course at Schenley Park.