Helltown Brewing Winners Circle – Race Results

The Helltown Brewing Winners Circle is a special place at the PVGP where our racers are recognized and rewarded. On Sunday afternoon at Schenley Park and at Pitt Race, the top finishers pull into the Winners Circle after each race and share stories about the race in live interviews with the PVGP’s Ted Sohier.

Vintage racers make our event possible – without them, there is no race. Vintage racing is a purely amateur sport with no prize money and the racers pay their own expenses, maintain their own cars and even make a donation to enter the race – so the least we can do is to show our appreciation and reward them with a cold beer.

PVGP Schenley Park Vintage Races – July 24, 2022

Donna Mae Mims Spridget Race – 2022 Schenley Park

Porsche Marque Race – 2022 Schenley Park

PreWar, Preservation and Under 1 Liter Race 2022 Schenley Park

Under 1.5 Liters Race – 2022 Schenley Park

Under 2 Liter Race – 2022 Schenley Park

Over 2 Liter Race – 2022 Schenley Park

Sports Racers and Formula – 2022 Schenley Park

PVGP Historics at Pitt Race – July 15-17, 2022

2022 Historics – Formula Ford – Results All 3 Days

2022 Historics – Ground Pounders and Large Bore – Results All 3 Days

2022 Historics – Medium Bore – Results All 3 Days

2022 Historics – Modern Historics – Results All 3 Days

2022 Historics – Small Bore and Formula Vee – Results All 3 Days

2022 Historics – BMW Club Racing – Results All 3 Days

Kastner Cup Race – Saturday at 2022 PVGP

Kastner Reunion Race – Sunday at 2022 PVGP



The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Welcomes Helltown Brewing as the sponsor of our Winner’s Circle. Helltown has been brewing specialty beers with the PVGP since 2019 so this was a natural partnership.

We are thrilled to be working with the team at Helltown and can’t wait to taste the Grand Prix Ale when it’s tapped each year!

Helltown Brewing History
At Helltown, they are dedicated to producing the highest of quality beers in traditional and modern fashion using the best malts and hops. Craft Beer with a Rebellious Attitude!

Helltown Brewing was founded in 2011. The best way to experience their wide variety of beers is to visit any of their four Taprooms located in southwestern Pennsylvania. You can also get it at your favorite distributor in PA, MD, & WV

The brewery is named after Mt. Pleasant’s nickname “Helltown” during the late 1700’s and the Whiskey Rebellion, later dubbed the zip code of 15666.

2022 PVGP Helltown Winners Circle

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