PVGP Contact PVGP Contact Area of Responsibility
Executive Director Dan DelBianco Day-to-Day Operations, Sponsorship, Marketing, PR, Website 412 559-3500
Race Operations Joe Teplitz Competition Director
  Ken Murin Race Operations Director
  Brian Urban Asst. Race Director and Track Construction
  Jeff Hutzelman Chief of Timing
  Mark Hanson Registrar
  Paula Hawthorne Chief Steward
  Don Baker Timing/Scoring
  Ted Sohier Race Announcer
  Ray Dembowski Flagging & Communications
  Karen Hanchett Motorcycle Track Security & Volunteer Logistics
  A. J. Anselm Safety Steward
Schenley Car Shows Bob Speer Show Side Director/Car Shows
  Jim Neville Cortile – Italian Car Show
  Marc Koszak Co-Captain American Car Show
  Christopher Mannozzi Downtown Car Display
  Mark Sheldon European Car Show & Mercedes-Benz
  Tim Gilkey Asian Car Show
  Clayton Yonker British Car Day- WPTA
  Paul Miller Car Show & On-Line Event Registration
  Jim Kinest Corvette Show
  Cliff Laschon Cars N Coffee
  Patrick Martin Vintage Motorbike Show
  Jerry Longstreth Downtown Parade & Car Display
  Mark Morrow Co-Captain American Car Show
  Cory Anderson Volkswagen Car Show
  John Malobicky Porsche Car Show
  Eric Zagrocki BMW Car Show
  Chris Williams BMW Car Show
Walnut Street Car Show Greg Farrell Captain
  Joe Baird Co-Captain
Waterfront Car Cruise Don Privett Captain
Downtown Car Display Jerry Longstreth Captain
Kick-Off Rallye Paul MacIntyre Chair
  Chuck Larouere Rallye Master
Jet Center Party Eric Zagrocki Co-Chair
  Susan Gera Co-Chair
  Stephanie Shaffer Sponsorship
Black Tie Gala Brenda Tenison Chairperson
Tune-Up Maralee Williams Chair
Patron Parking John Gloninger Chair
Event Security Cathy Dernorsek Captain
Communications/PR Dan DelBianco PR, Marketing, Website, Advertising, Newsletter
  Bernie Martin Social Media, Live Stream, Digital
  Susan Gera Media
  Manfred Woodall Media
  Eric Zagrocki Media
  Matthew Little Photographer
Schenley Park Clubhouse Logistics John Kerr Captain
Vendor Village Don Privett Captain
Volunteers Cathy Dernorsek Captain
Countryside Tour Bud Osbourne Captain
Donation Stations Reid Smith Captain
Merchandise Sue MacIntyre Captain
VIP Pavilion Ramona Corey & Dan Taylor CoCaptains
Executive Committee Cathy Dernorsek Volunteers, Event Security
  Sarah Edinger Volunteers, Event Security
  John Gloninger Patron Parking
  Amy Rocini Secretary & Merchandise Booths
  John Kerr Logistics for all events
  Bill Permar Controller
  Eric Zagrocki Car Shows and Jet Center
  Sue MacIntyre Merchandise
  Ted Sohier Race Announcer and PR
  Bob Speer Show Side Director
  Ken Murin Race Operations Director
  Brian Urban Race Director
Rapid Production MarketingWe are grateful to PVGP volunteer Bernard Martin, of Rapid Production Marketing, for leading our social media efforts. His knowledge and insight have helped the Grand Prix build an impressive network of social media with thousands of followers.

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