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The #PVGP Offers 10 Days Of Events With Opportunities To Get Close To The Action


The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix is a multi-day motorsports festival that includes two weekends of racing events as well as car shows and exclusive events throughout.  The PVGP has two levels of media credentials that are granted: A Media Pass and a Hot Pass.
Obtaining a  Media Pass will provide you with information in advance of the events as well as grant you access to many, but not all,  of the events without a fee.  Certain members of the media may also desire a Hot Pass.  Hot Passes are granted on a very very limited basis and ONLY granted to those in the media who have had demonstrated experience photographing  on a hot race track.   In most cases, unless you are exclusively a motorsports photographer or journalist, you won’t need a Hot Pass to get some fantastic photography and videography. This information is further detailed below.


The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, “PVGP” is committed to working with the photographers, videographers, columnists,  journalists, bloggers, independent reporters, and social media influencers and who are capable of reaching wide audiences. The following list includes guidelines which the PVGP will use in order to determine eligibility to grant media credentials, and a “media pass”  to enter the events. 

The PVGP strives to work with the best. We value individuals who have worked with us in the past or who have professional experience. The PVGP requires that individuals have a proven history, demonstrate professional standards, and regularly produce original and quality content that can reach the target audience.


Although many of our weekday events are free and open to the public to attend, by registering for a media pass you will be informed about times and places where you may be able to conduct exclusive interviews or capture some unique video or photography. If you’re not on this years events mailing list you will miss some out great exclusive and behind-the-scenes content! That’s why it’s going to be important to let us know which events you plan to attend. Only those attending will be invited to any exclusivity.


The approval of media credentials depends on the several factors:

  • Previous relevant journalism experience
  • Journalists must submit recent examples of their articles and one reference in order to be considered for credentials.
  • Duration of online blog covering automobiles and luxury lifestyle for longer than one year.
  • Commercial Nature of the Website.
  • Weekly and Monthly number of unique visitor traffic data from a recognized objective measurement company.
  • Websites must be free from gossip and offensive language ​


  • Organizations may NOT apply for credentials
  • A Media Credential Request Form must be submitted for each representative from your media organization
  • Please provide the PVGP with at least 14 days to consider your Media Credential Request
  • All Media Credential Applications must be submitted by no later than July 12, 2024
  • At the latest,  will be notified by July 1, confirming or denying your request.
  • Media Credentials must be applied for and will be issued in the applicant’s name
  • Photo ID will be required upon arrival and check-in
  • Credentials will NOT be mailed under any circumstances

​JULY 26-28, 2024

Pittsburgh International Race Complex
201 Penndale Road Wampum PA 16157
724 535-1000

Location: Check-in is at the Gift Shop in the Admin Building

Media Check-In Hours:
Saturday, July 27: 8:00 AM until 3:00 PM
Sunday, July 28:  8:00 AM until 3:00 PM

Hot Passes:
Only qualified media will be allowed inside the track and be eligible  get a PIRC press vest. All Media are subject to approval by both the PVGP and Pittsburgh International Race Complex. Beginning in 2024, you will only need to complete the form below. You are NO LONGER  REQUIRED to apply for credentials at Pitt Race separately. 

Your Confirmation Email with your ID will serve as your entry into the front gate.

AUGUST 3-4, 2024

First Tee – Bob O’Connor Golf Course
5370 Schenley Drive
Pittsburgh PA 15217

Location: Media check-in at the First Tee Clubhouse on Schenley Drive. 

Media Check-In Hours:
​Saturday, August 3: 7:00 AM until 3:00 PM
Sunday, August 4: 8:00 AM until Noon

Additional Information:
You can pick up your Parking Pass when you check in that provides free parking on Flagstaff Hill where a shuttle bus will take you for the 5-minute ride up to the Golf Course. Please disembark at the “Main Entrance” stop at the top of the hill and the golf course clubhouse is located directly to your left.

The Media Room at Bob O’Connor Golf Course is a designated area only for those with media credentials. The PVGP has the right to reserve seating for deadline media and any other approved requests. 



Once you arrive and sign in you will be given a press kit, press credential lanyard, and our staff will direct you to areas of the event that may interest you. The media center will be fully staffed with on-site media contacts to answer questions and guide and transport you and your equipment to where you need to be.


  • Race Program and Media Lanyard
  • Private Media Room/Area with tables and chairs
  • Access to Power strip for charging
  • Refreshments and boxed lunch
  • Access to hot passes*


If you wish to receive media credentials to work inside the fence, e.g. a “hot pass”, you will need to demonstrate that you have photographer on a hot race track in the past. Credentialed Media will have access to photograph the winner’s podium at both The Historics at Pitt Race and The Vintage at Schenley Park and WILL NOT require a hot pass for those areas. If you have any questions, contact Bernard Martin, Director of Communications for the PVGP. He is available to answer questions concerning press passes, security clearance, photographer credentials, and media relations. He may be reached at 412-996-5700


Thank you for your interest. You can reach our media team at any of our events through the contacts listed above.

Bernard Martin  Director of Communications (412) 996-5700

Susan Gera  PVGP Media (724) 396-9372

Eric Zagrocki – Jet Center Party

Dan DelBianco Pre-event Media and Photos (412) 559-3500

Please read all of the information above before clicking and completing the Media Credentials form at the bottom of this page.


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When will you arrive to get your credentials*


The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Historics at Pitt Race and The Vintage Races at Schenley Park both host vintage racing cars that can have more unpredictability when compared to modern race cars. The Vintage Races at Schenley Park is a very unique setting through city streets, around stone walls, past haybales, trees and phone poles. It can a dangerous place for drivers, volunteers and media if anyone is inside the track without experience on a hot field. At the PVGP we are not equipted to provide the kind of safety training for you to get your first experience. You will need to have gained that experience elsewhere. Please do not apply for a hot pass if you do not have prior "hot track" experience. You will be denied.

With that said, in order to apply for a Hot Pass please complete the following information:

I would like to request a hot pass at the following:

Please provide a minimum of two links to races/events you have covered with a hot pass.

By submitting this form I understand that my request for the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Media Credentials has been submitted for review. I understand that my request does not guarantee I will receive Media Credentials and that credentials are issued on a limited basis to working media only. I further agree to send a copy and/or weblink of my coverage as soon as possible after the event and you are reconfirming that you agreed to be bound by all terms and conditions of the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix's Media Eligibility Guidelines. Photographers and Videographers agree that any images obtained at PVGP events shall be their non-exclusive property. Although the image rights may be sold to third parties, the PVGP, the people in the images and the owners of the property depicted in the images shall have a right to use this images. As rights holders they can use the images publicly without a fee but they will have no right to sell the images.

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.