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Charity Lap Experience

The Grand Prix’s Charity Lap Experience is an exciting and rare opportunity for spectators to experience a real lap of the Schenley Park race track at lunchtime Saturday.

The Grand Prix’s Vintage Tour Experience is an exciting opportunity for spectators and race fans to experience a real lap of the race track in an authentic vintage race car driven by a licensed vintage racer.

Schenley Park – Saturday, July 23
While you can drive the circuit at Schenley Park in your own car 51 weeks out of the year it is quite a different story in a race car on a closed circuit with an experienced racer behind the wheel!

Our generous vintage racers take time out of their lunch break to come and share their cars with our participants. The lap takes about 5 minutes – the racers drive at less than race speed but you will certainly experience all the sights, sounds and smells of a real vintage lap. Many drivers provide a turn by turn narrative of the lap – if you can hear them above the roar of the engine! Here is a wonderfully descriptive article written by Dave Farnsworth of the Roundel magazine after he raced with us in 2018.

In addition to being a once-in-a-lifetime experience, it also helps raise funds for our charities. Many thanks to our racers for contributing their time as well as fuel and tires for this worthy cause.

Note: Due to scheduling we are not holding Vintage Rides at Pittsburgh International Race Complex during our event on July 16 or 17.

Schenley Park -Saturday  July 23, 2022 noon – 12:50 pm

The entrance to the track is next to the Lamar VIP Tent at turn 15 on the golf course. This event grows more popular each year, so you may want to get there early to get a spot in line. For a $50 per person donation on a first-come basis. Tickets can not be purchased in advance – cash and credit cards only. Rides run from noon until 12:50 PM only (weather and track conditions permitting).

Vintage Ride Procedures – Participants

  1. All participants for rides will enter the track through the designated gate.
  2. All participants MUST sign the waiver prior to passing through the gate to the track.
  3. There is no age restriction – but all participants must be at least 46″ tall.
  4. Participants must take the next car in line.
  5. All riders MUST wear seat belts (minimum) and shoulder harnesses if the car is provided with them.

General Information

  1. No one will be permitted on Track during the Rides except the authorized cars.
  2. Workers remaining on Station during the Lunch Break/Patron Rides will maintain Track security and maintain radio contact with Control.
  3. Control will be manned during this event and will call for flags or any equipment necessary in case of an emergency.
  4. All vehicles participating in this event must be off Track surface before any worker vehicles leave the pit area to return to the station.

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