PITTSBURGH, PA (January 23, 2024) The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix is set to transform into a showcase of micro automotive wonders with a spotlight on the Lane Motor Museum who will be bringing some rare microcars from their extensive collection to Schenley Park on the August 3-4 International Car Show and Race Weekend. The PVGP, known for its celebration of automotive history, has designated microcars and microtrucks as one of the spotlights for the entire show, to complement the Mini Marque of the Year.

Jeff Lane will take the stage on Saturday, August 3 at the PVGP to share insights into his remarkable collection. The Lane Motor Museum is renowned for its eclectic assortment of rare and unique vehicles.

Lane Motor Museum’s Microcar Collection
The Lane Motor Museum’s roots trace back to Jeff’s childhood fascination with cars, inspired by his father Gene’s love for MGs. Jeff’s first car, a 1955 MG TF, now on display, kickstarted his lifelong passion. In the late ’90s, realizing his eclectic collection was outgrowing his Nashville home, Jeff envisioned a museum to share his unique cars with the public. From restoring his first MG at age 12 to acquiring rare finds like a 1960 Dodge Power Wagon and a 1973 Citroën SM, Jeff’s enthusiasm for automobiles runs deep, influenced by a family history deeply connected to the automotive world.

What is a Microcar?
Microcars, characterized by their diminutive size and lightweight design, have a unique place in automotive history. Often featuring quirky styling and innovative engineering, these compact vehicles were popular in post-war Europe and are known for their efficiency and affordability.

Microcar Spotlight Car Show
In addition to the Lane Motor Museum showcars, microcar owners are invited to join the PVGP special spotlight display at Schenley Park on August 3-4, creating a diverse display of these charming vehicles. It’s a rare opportunity for enthusiasts and the public alike to get up close and personal with these pint-sized treasures that have left a big impact on automotive culture.

PVGP 2024 Highlights

  • Microcars and microtrucks spotlight for all 17 car show at Schenley Park
  • MINI Marque of the Year celebration
  • American Car Show features Nash Metropolitan’s and American Bantams
  • Asian Car show features JDM Kei Trucks
  • BMW Car show features Isetta
  • Cortile Italian Car Show features Autovetture Piccole
  • Special showcase open to any microcar owners

Interesting Japanese vehicles are a Lane interest. Clockwise from lower left, a 1991 Nissan Figaro, a 1985 Yamaha RZ-350 motorcycle, a 1996 Daihatsu K-10 Midget II utility vehicle, a 1972 Honda Vamos (partially obscured), a 1966 Honda S600 Roadster, a 2001 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VI, a 1987 Nissan BE-1, and, lower right, a 1999 Nissan Hyper Mini.

About Lane Motor Museum
The Lane Motor Museum, founded by Jeff Lane, is home to a unique collection of vehicles representing the evolution of transportation. With a focus on the unusual and the innovative, the museum showcases the creativity and ingenuity of automotive design. Visit their website.

About the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix
Founded in 1983, the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Motorsport Festival features two weekends of racing action. The first weekend is the PVGP Historics at Pittsburgh International Race Complex. The second weekend is racing through a 2.33-mile road course set on the streets of Schenley Park. Between our race weekends, we stage car shows, parties, road rallies, and a black tie formal. The PVGP is driven by 1,200 volunteers dedicated to staging the country’s largest and longest-running vintage race event. It is also a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization with a mission to provide residential care, treatment and support for people with autism and intellectual/developmental disabilities – donating $6.7 million to date.

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