PITTSBURGH, PA – February 15, 2024 – The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, a cornerstone event in the vintage racing and car show community, is excited to unveil the featured attractions for this year’s Asian Car Show, beautifully located at Schenley Park.

Scheduled for August 3-4, this exhibition is a key part of “The Vintage” celebrations, comprising over 19 distinct car shows that spotlight small cars within each marque (pronounced “mark”) This year, the Asian Car Show event will highlight the diverse world of Japanese Kei Vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans, and even fire engines, in collaboration with the Senpai Party. This union promises an unparalleled mix of automotive culture and anime-inspired artistry.

Pittsburgh Kyūsha – Japanese Kei Vehicles
Following World War II, Japan introduced the Kei class vehicles, designed to rejuvenate the automotive industry with specific regulations on engine displacement, wheelbase, weight, and horsepower. These measures, coupled with incentives like reduced taxes, inspection, and registration fees, led to the Kei Vehicles’ remarkable popularity. Thanks to the 25-year import laws, the #PVGP proudly showcases iconic Kei Vehicles from the late ’90s, highlighting their versatility and crucial role in Japanese car culture. This display, curated by the Pittsburgh Kyūsha, a community of RHD JDM enthusiasts and owners in Pittsburgh and its surrounding areas, will include nimble 2-door coupes, robust 4×4 off-roaders, practical delivery vans, farm trucks, and even fire engines from marques like Subaru, Honda, Suzuki, Daihatsu, and Mitsubishi.

Senpai Party – Bridging Anime and Automotive Worlds
In an engaging collaboration with the Asian Car Show, the Senpai Party introduces a vibrant blend of anime passion and automotive culture. Drawing inspiration from the Itasha style, where cars serve as canvases for anime and manga art, the Senpai Party seeks to bring together local Itasha aficionados, display their eye-catching vehicles, and encourage others to embrace this expressive community. This partnership is set to bring a dynamic visual dimension to the show, merging Japanese animation’s imaginative worlds with automotive innovation.

A Call to Celebrate Automotive Diversity and Creativity
The PVGP invites automobile enthusiasts, anime fans, and the generally curious to join us at Schenley Park to celebrate automotive history, innovation, and artistic expression. The Asian Car Show is poised to be one of “The Vintage’s” most unique highlights, offering an intimate look at the formidable world of Kei Vehicles alongside the creative flair of the Senpai Party. This is a prime opportunity to delve into the rich mosaic of automotive culture and creativity.

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About the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix
Founded in 1983, the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Motorsport Festival features two weekends of racing action. The first weekend is the PVGP Historics at Pittsburgh International Race Complex. The second weekend is racing through a 2.33-mile road course set on the streets of Schenley Park. Between our race weekends, we stage car shows, parties, road rallies, and a black tie formal. The PVGP is driven by 1,200 volunteers dedicated to staging the country’s largest and longest-running vintage race event. It is also a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization with a mission to provide residential care, treatment and support for people with autism and intellectual/developmental disabilities – donating $6.7 million to date.

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