At the PVGP Victory Lap event in October at the Hofbräuhaus, the PVGP awarded 13 checkered flags to volunteers and supporters for “Outstanding Effort in 2018”.

The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Association began awarding checkered flags to recognize the extraordinary efforts of its volunteers and partners in 2009. The first flag was awarded posthumously to our Chief Starter Don “Downtown” Brown, one of our original volunteers. Since then we have waved the flag for 91 people and organizations listed below.

The list continues to grow each year because the PVGP has hundreds of volunteers and supporters who give an incredible amount of time and effort each year. Congratulations to all!

2018 Checkered Flag Winners: Reid Smith, Bob McKeown, Brad Meyer, Manfred Woodall and Mike Csonka.

2018 Winners

Corky Bennett – HAM Radio Captain
Mike Csonka
– Flagstaff Hill Parking
Jim & Kelly Gezo –
Race-side, show-side and Race Week volunteers
Clare & Wayne Kaufmann
– Race side volunteers since 1985
Bob McKeown – Car Collector and PVGP Car Show Participant
Brad Meyer – Clubhouse
Allan Rubin – Race side volunteer since 2006
Lenny Santora – Corner worker and volunteer since 1991
Reid Smith
– Donation Stations Captain and sponsor
Andrew Stockey – Emcee for Blacktie Gala and unofficial PVGP ambassador
Manfred Woodall
– Media and Website Team
Allegheny Chapter BMW Club – 2018 Marque of the Year Club
Bobby Rahal Auto Group – Sponsor and Marque of the Year dealership

Past Winners