We’re less than a month away from our August 3-4 Vintage Race Weekend at Schenley Park. Here is our map of car shows, sponsor tents and amenities. Please note that the tent numbers in this map are for the legend only – we do not put numbers on the tents in the park.

Schenley Park Map for August 3-4 with Sponsor and Car Show Tents

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Map of Schenley Park and Surrounding Area







Parking & Shuttles

Public parking is available on Flagstaff Hill, across the street from Phipps Conservatory, on the August 3-4, weekend. Free air-conditioned shuttle buses will take you to the golf course and over to the Paddock and the Start/Finish line.

  • Cars: $30 per day – includes 2 weekend wristbands
  • Vehicles over 25′ long: $50 per day – includes 2 weekend wristbands

Your donation will benefit our charities. Wristbands are given to a maximum of 2 adults in the car, giving you weekend access. The parking lot opens at 8:00 AM, and shuttles run from 8:00 AM until 6:00 PM. Credit cards are accepted on-site.

Pre-Event Discount
You can pre-purchase your parking pass and save $5, and have a guaranteed spot. Purchase Here Now.

GoogleMap link to Flagstaff Hill

Exhibitions of Speed Paddock at Phipps

The street between Flagstaff Hill and Phipps Conservatory will be packed with race cars this year as Ragtime Racers and Vintage Indy set up their “Exhibitions of Speed Paddock.” Ragtime Racers features cars from the early days of racing with cars from 1920 and earlier. Vintage Indy will have actual cars that have raced in the Indianapolis 500. Both groups will paddock on the street and hit the track for sessions twice a day. By parking on Flagstaff Hill, you will get to see this exciting event up close.

Handicap Parking

We have a designated area at the base of Flagstaff Hill by the shuttle stop for handicap parking. We also have a handicap shuttle bus to transport you up to the golf course. Sorry, there are no golf carts available for rent.

Car Show Shuttle

This shuttle departs Flagstaff Hill, goes up Frew Street and stops along Schenley Drive before returning via Forbes Avenue.

Paddock – Start/Finish Shuttle

A limited number of the shuttles are designated for the Start/Finish Line Gate on Beacon Street. This shuttle departs Flagstaff Hill and goes up Forbes Avenue. It stops at the Forbes Avenue/Schenley Drive intersection, turns right on Wightman Street, and finally right onto Beacon Street. It drops off and picks up at the Beacon Street Gate, turns around, stops at the Forbes Avenue/Schenley Drive intersection, and then goes down to Flagstaff Hill.


Trailer Parking

The growth of our International Car Show at Schenley Park has helped elevate our event to new heights, but with 3,000 show cars, there is no space on the golf course to park trailers and tow vehicles. Schenley Park is in a tightly congested area with limited parking lot options so if you decide to bring your car on a trailer, you have limited options during the event:

Option 1: Flagstaff Hill Parking
You must pay $50 daily to park your trailer and tow vehicle on Flagstaff Hill. This is the large gently sloping grass hill across the street from Phipps Conservatory – see image below. You must enter from Schenley Drive after crossing the bridge from Schenley Plaza. We suggest using Phipps Conservatory as the GPS location. Once your have paid and parked, you can unload your car and drive it up to the golf course. Details on Flagstaff Hill Parking.

Option 2: Surface Parking Lots
There are limited parking lots in Oakland that can accommodate a trailer with a tow vehicle.

Option 3: Hotel Partners
The PVGP has a list of partner hotels that can accommodate their guest’s trailer and tow vehicle – see our Event Connect Partners