Local Members Step up to Raise $5,315 for PVGP Charity Partners

PITTSBURGH, PA (August 8) Like many large-scale events, the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix in Schenley Park was canceled because of the pandemic. But that didn’t stop a small, but hearty group of Porsche enthusiasts from taking a lap through the park to celebrate Race Day on Sunday, July 26.

The idea to get together was the mastermind of Ed Rice, President of the Allegheny Region Porsche Club of America (ARPCA). “The impromptu event was a stunning success”, according to Ed “I was in a melancholy mood when the event was canceled and I just didn’t want to sit around and do nothing that weekend. Then I thought, what the heck, every year in the days before Race Weekend in Schenley Park I drive the racecourse to get into the vibe of the PVGP. I decided I was going to invite all of my Porsche Club friends to join me.”

Ed and Ann Rice lead the parade through Schenley Park in their 1978 Porsche 928 on Sunday, July 26. Photo by Matthew Little

On that bright Sunday morning, Ed expected a few dozen cars to show up and was surprised to see nearly 100 cars lined up along Schenley Drive. The majority of cars were Porsches, but there were also BMWs, Mercedes-Benz’s, Corvettes and a Ferrari. After several parade laps through the park, many drove up to the paddock and parked in small groups.

This seemingly small effort raised $5,315 for the PVGP charities! According to Ed, the ARPCA plans to do even more for the PVGP in the coming weeks, but this idea was a great start. The feedback was tremendous and everyone was tickled to drive the racecourse!

The letter that Ed sent to the club members obviously did the trick, here is the closing paragraph that sums it all up “And as to the PVGP charities, kids still have autism, and people with special needs still have those needs – the virus does not care, but we do! I know this damn virus is a great challenge to us, but I think there is still much we can do for our members and the community, and still have fun. Please bring along a check in the amount of $50 or $100 or whatever to do parade laps with me. Let’s have ARPCA once again make a statement to ourselves and our community!”


Nearly 100 cars came out to Schenley Park to raise funds for the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix. Photo by Matthew Little


Matthew Little is a longtime PVGP Operating Committee member and a Porsche Club member who was there and took photos. He gushed about the event saying “the Porsche Club event was fantastic! It allowed members and friends to get together safely during a rather unique time in our lives and help us raise money for charity.”

PVGP Executive Director Dan DelBianco stated “because of the pandemic the PVGP is shifting gears to provide outlets for eager car enthusiasts, we are working with our car club partners to create smaller events to raise funds for our charities. The Porsche Club came roaring out of the gate with this event and has set a great example for all our other car club partners.

While most of the cars were Porsches, there were also BMWs, Mercedes-Benz’s and Corvettes, even this Ferrari.

The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, presented by the Greater Pittsburgh Automobile Dealers Foundation, is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization with a mission to host a world-class vintage automotive event. The organization was founded in 1983 and has raised nearly $6 million for the Autism Society of Pittsburgh and Merakey Allegheny Valley School for individuals with autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities. 


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