FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (December 12, 2023) The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix (PVGP) is thrilled to announce the inaugural appearance of the whimsical and irreverent Concours d’ Lemons at its “Historics at Pitt Race” on Saturday, July 27, 2024, at the Pittsburgh International Race Complex.

Known for celebrating the odd, unique, and downright peculiar in the automotive world, Concours d’ Lemons brings its one-of-a-kind showcase to the prestigious PVGP Historics at Pitt Race. Participants and spectators alike can look forward to a day filled with laughter, creativity, and a celebration of the quirkiest vehicles on Saturday, July 27th while also enjoying the racing on the track and the 2024 Ford GT40 Reunion near the Concours d’ Lemons showfield on the way up to Spectator Hill.

The Concours d’ Lemons, a tongue-in-cheek show celebrating the Un-Best of the automotive world, clatters into the pits at the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix at Pittsburgh International Race Complex on July 27, 2024. Participants will share their affection for their less-than-loved autos with spectators and capricious, bribery-prone judges who award thrift store sources prizes in hilarious categories such as “Rust Belt American Junk,” “Most Dangerous,” and “Best Back Seat.” The whole debacle culminates in the presentation of the coveted “Worst of Show” trophy that sees the owner and hooptie showered in silly string.

Event Details
Date: Saturday, July 27, 2024
Location: Pittsburgh International Race Complex
9:00 AM: Lemons Show Opens
9:45 AM: Judges fiasco begins on the field
11:00 AM: Judging complete, awards organization
Noon – 1:00 PM:  Awards ceremony

Calling All Eccentric Cars: Owners of peculiar and eccentric vehicles are invited to participate in the Concours d’ Lemons at PVGP. Whether it’s a vintage oddity, a uniquely modified ride, or a vehicle with a quirky backstory, this is the perfect opportunity to showcase your unconventional wheels.

How to Participate: To join the fun, interested participants can register their eccentric vehicles below.

“Ferraris and Duesenbergs are fine cars,” states Concours d’ Lemons ‘Head Gasket’ Alan Galbraith, “but Pintos and Pacers need love too. We’ve found that owners of these cars are just as passionate about their rides, and spectators love them even more. It is all about how much fun you can share with others, not how much you spend.”

About Concours d’ Lemons Concours d’ Lemons, renowned for its unconventional approach to car shows, celebrates the weird, wacky, and wonderful in the automotive world. With a focus on humor and lightheartedness, Concours d’ Lemons events bring together enthusiasts who appreciate the unique and unexpected in vehicles.

The Concours d’Lemons is inexplicably brought to you by these otherwise fine companies:

Founded in 1983, the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Motorsport Festival features two weekends of racing action. The first weekend is the PVGP Historics at Pittsburgh International Race Complex. The second weekend is racing through a 2.33-mile road course set on the streets of Schenley Park.  Between race weekends the PVGP stages car shows, parties, road rallies, and a black-tie fundraiser. The PVGP is driven by 1,200 volunteers dedicated to staging the country’s largest and longest-running vintage race event. The PVGP is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization with a mission to provide residential care, treatment and support for people with autism and intellectual/developmental disabilities – donating over $6.7 million to date.

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