BMW Club Raises $6,325 for PVGP Charities!

The Allegheny Chapter of the BMW Club has been one of the Grand Prix’s most active and generous car club partners. The chapter held a fundraiser that winter that raised $6,325 for the PVGP charities The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix and the Allegheny Chapter of the BMW Club want to thank everybody for participating in the BMW Club’s PVGP Fundraiser on Thursday, February 18, 2021.
Jeff Taylor is the Events Coordinator for the Allegheny chapter of the BMW Club and played a vital role in the fundraiser. He was thrilled with the results saying “our club has been a long-time supporter of the PVGP charities. When the pandemic shut everything down last year we were disappointed we couldn’t raise funds for the PVGP charities. We looked for alternatives for our fundraising efforts and came up with the idea to solicit donations and reward those donors with the chance to win prizes. We were able to raise $6,350 in donations through the generous support of our chapter members and sponsors. We look forward to renewing our efforts and our club members returning to German Hill in 2021.”
Nine great door prizes we donated by sponsors and the PVGP. Thank you to everyone who donated and to those who participated.
Grand Prize: BMW Performance Center M-School
Settle into the M Sport seat, grab the wheel, take a deep breath and step on it. BMW Performance Center M-School is all about pushing your limits, and you’ll discover just how high we set them over two days of adrenaline-pumping exercises designed to bring out your driving passion. You don’t have to own a BMW to win this prize but you’ll probably want to buy one afterward! Learn from the best professional driving instructors around; they have years of racing experience and are with you every step of the way, from classroom sessions to on-track guidance and feedback. Get behind the wheel on a world-class track and improve your driving skills. BMW practices challenge-by-choice, so you’re always at a comfortable level of performance.
The Winners Are…
  • 2-Day BMW M Performance Driving School – Richard Chesnik
  • BMW Baby Racer Donated by Bobby Rahal BMW – Bill Rossman
  • Framed Race Program Autographed by Bill Auberlen – Scott Hughes
  • Framed & signed 2018 PVGP Lithograph – Britany Cohen-Orange
  • Framed & signed 2009 PVGP Lithograph – Jeff Sokolov
  • $100 Citgo Gift Card – Emilio Veneziano
  • Griot’s Garage Starter Kit – John Barhydt
  • Allegheny Chapter BMW Jacket – Michael Cozza
  • Allegheny Chapter BMW Jacket – Stephen Snovak

Many thanks to our gracious sponsors