Greater Pittsburgh Mustang Club Hosts Orange Belt Tour, Matches Member Donations, Raising $2,100!

On what would normally be race weekend at Schenley Park, the Greater Pittsburgh Mustang Club organized an Orange Belt Tour as part of the PVGP’s ongoing efforts to raise funds for charity. The Mustang Tour began at Trax Farms in Finleyville and included a picnic in North Park.  The GPMC often takes tours, so they are accustomed to planning them and were happy to pull an event together to benefit the PVGP charities.

The club is always happy to be involved with the PVGP each year – in fact, they took the lead in coordinating the Marque of the Year in 2019 – and this year’s commitment is no different!

PVGP executive director Dan DelBianco expressed the gratitude of the Grand Prix saying “it’s truly encouraging to see the Mustang Club create a special event to benefit our charities. After the outstanding results that GPMC put forward last year as Marque of the Year when they set the record for donations it’s great to see them come back strong again the following year.”


Many thanks to the Greater Pittsburgh Mustang Club, Jason & Jacqueline Uhler, Danielle & Dennis Lane, Andrew & Barbara Cherwaty, Mark & Elizabeth Bedel, Allen & Barbara Pifer, Timothy & Theresa Senich, Terry & Darrell Miller, Thomas & JoAnne Horner, ValJean & Bill Rossman, Gerald & Patricia Smith, Mark & Charlyn Mulkey, James & Susan Poulos and Ed Sarver!

The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix greatly appreciates the efforts of our car club partners to stay active and get in their cars to raise funds for our charity partners. This is part of our ongoing “Shifting Gears” initiative in 2020. If your car club is interested in staging and event as part of this effort please contact Bob Speer or Dan DelBianco.

This year is unique however of course, so attendance was down for the tour, but they had a spirited group with lots of enthusiasm and generosity for the charities.  The club continues to receive donations at subsequent club meetings from those who were not able to attend.  So look for additional donations during the month of September.

The GPMC is hosting its 36th Annual All Ford Powered car show on September 20th at Shults Ford in Harmarville.  They will solicit donations from attendees to add to their total contribution to what our members believe to be one of the greatest car events, and more importantly, a great opportunity to support our community each year.  GPMC can’t wait for 2021!