Pittsburgh Artist Terri Hohmann has created eight incredible glass pieces for the PVGP to auction.

Artist and car enthusiast, Terri Hohmann, has created an incredible collection of handcrafted, glass fused plaques and signs for the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix. Terri, of North Star Chevrolet Buick GMC, has invested countless hours and materials to create each and every one of these unique pieces. The PVGP is so pleased that Terri has dedicated her time to create these unique masterpieces to benefit our charities.

This spring, during the COVID lockdown, Terri decided to fill her time doing something for charity. She painstakingly cut hundreds of glass pieces and assembled these items for the PVGP. Each layer had to be fired in her kiln at home and many required more than a dozen firings with each session putting the piece at risk.

Terri not only designed and created these pieces of art, but she also paid for all of the materials and is generously donating all of the proceeds from the sale of these pieces to the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix and their charity partners.

The PVGP races in Schenley Park have often been referred to as a museum on wheels and these works of art belong in that museum. See the items below, they speak for themselves.

September 19 Silent Auction or Buy It Now
All eight of these pieces will be auctioned during the Bentley Car Show on September 19. Since the event is sold out, we are offering everyone a chance to buy these priceless pieces before the show. You can purchase through the below ShowClix link. Online purchases are open until 4:00 PM Friday, September 18.


This 16-inch diameter multi-layered PVGP logo is a handmade, exquisite piece of art that represents our logo that was created back in 1983. Since it is a full 1″ thick in the center, it called for extreme delicacy when using multiple firing sessions, totaling 31 kiln hours.

Auction bidding starts at $500 or
You can buy it now for $1,000

15.5″ WIDE x 19″ HIGH x 1″ THICK

Corvette is the Marque of the Year for the 2021 Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix. The logo was created by poster artist Dwight Knowlton and represented in sparkling glass by Terri Hohmann.

Auction bidding starts at $500 or
You can buy it now for $1,000

12″ WIDE x 16″ HIGH x 1″ THICK 

This  16″ tall spectacular handcrafted plaque depicts the PVGP’s Driver’s Club logo with a vintage steering wheel. The Drivers Club offers specialized apparel for drivers and fans. This large plaque has multiple layers of glass and is supported by a solid metal stand.

Auction bidding starts at $400 or
You can buy it now for $700

13.5″ WIDE x 11″ HIGH 

This stunning plaque represents the logo for the PVGP Historics. It includes the outline of the Pittsburgh International Race Complex track layout and is topped off by checkered flags. Crafted with 3 layers of glass, the top layer of detail work shines in any room where it is proudly displayed.

Auction bidding starts at $500 or
You can buy it now for $1,000

22″ WIDE x 9.5″ HIGH

This Stained Glass image of a red 1960 Corvette reflects beauty when light shines through. You must see this in person to truly appreciate the incredible workmanship and hours of intensely detailed work.

Auction bidding starts at $250 or
You can buy it now for $500

28″ WIDE x 16″ HIGH

This unique mosaic glass image of a blue 1960 Corvette would complement any room featuring cut glass, grouted around mounted forms. It’s quite an impressive wall or window feature at 28″ wide!

Auction bidding starts at $250 or
You can buy it now for $500

9″ WIDE x 10″ HIGH

Boasting bright brilliant colors, this plaque can be seen from any visual angle. Shell’s yellow and red scallop shell logo is one of the most recognizable symbols in the world, but it actually started life as a black and white mussel shell. The origin of the Shell name can be traced back to the seashells that Marcus Samuel imported from the Far East during the late 19th Century. When his sons were looking for a name for the kerosene that they were exporting to Asia, they chose Shell.

Auction bidding starts at $200 or
You can buy it now for $500

20″ WIDE x 13″ HIGH

This brilliant colored hand fluted platter was created by blending together daring colors in multiple layers. Many hours were dedicated to this fantastic piece.

Auction bidding starts at $300 or
You can buy it now for $500

Artist: Terri Hohmann

As a long time Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix enthusiast, this year I utilized my love for stained glass and turned this passion into creations to raise funds for the charity. While attempting these “One of a kind” creations, I took to my studio to pull these concepts from my head, visualize all items on paper and glass, and then began the project. These pieces were made strictly and exclusively for the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix. Each piece stands in a class of its own, representing phenomenal attention to detail, sacrificed time, and days of dedicated work, resulting in an item beyond compare.

Please keep in mind these pieces of art came with blunder and disappointment at times during their creation. Not every piece came out right on the first try. There are trial and error, hold your breath type of process when creating a masterpiece as any artist would explain. It is the passion, dedication, true love and interest of the item that gets within your soul while bringing your proposed design to life. Hoping, to, inspire others, once they are complete.

While absorbing all costs during the construction of each piece from disaster to the finished product, I was supported financially by North Star Chevrolet Buick GMC, who was able to see my proposed vision, along with their obvious enthusiasm for the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix.

In closing, these remarkably timeless pieces of rare handmade art will never go out of style, always be a conversation piece, and allow the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix to be proudly displayed in your office or home.


Terri Hohmann – Creator

PS Terri can create a custom piece for you as well. Please send her an email.