Autism Awareness Day is about celebrating and recognizing people on the autism spectrum, as well as researching and fundraising initiatives which promote inclusivity for people with autism. The world’s understanding of autism as a disorder has changed drastically over time; until the second half of the 20th century, only people with severe symptoms were diagnosed with autism, and those who were diagnosed were often institutionalized.

The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix has been at the forefront of fundraising and support for the local autism community. Our event benefits individuals with autism and IDD and we have donated $5.5 million dollars to the Autism Society of Pittsburgh and Merakey/Allegheny Valley School. Details

Autism was believed to result from poor parenting or vaccinations, instead of understood as a neurological disorder. Thankfully, special events such as the Power of One March, awareness campaigns at schools, and autism self-advocacy have increased the world’s understanding and acceptance of autism. In 2007, Autism Awareness Day was created. The UN passed a resolution to adopt the holiday, and in 2008, the day was celebrated worldwide as it has been ever since. On April 2nd, we celebrate the members of our communities, families, and world who live with autism for their diversity and unique talents.

If you would like to help the PVGP make a difference within the autism community please make a donation today!