On Saturday, June 27 the Allegheny Region of the Rolls-Royce Owner’s Club held a party at Greg Farrell’s home in the north hills and raised funds for the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix.

Greg, and Christy Farrell approached the club and said “we have lots of space and we can have a picnic if the club can get some members and cars. Chris Davis, our Region Chairman for the Allegheny Region of the Rolls-Royce Owner’s Club sent off a volley of emails and the cars eagerly rolled in. It was a low-key day… small groups instead of large crowds.  I know it sounds corny, but the cars really seemed to enjoy going someplace.  We invited a few friends and they invited a few friends and they happened to drive a diverse collection of cars that spanned almost 100 years. The donations were amazing as members donated.  The club continued their traditional support of the PVGP and individual members stepped up as well.  We made it a gentle ask and easy to give so the day was more about raising fun than funds.”

The Farrells along with the club and members Bernie Pinsker, Christopher Davis, John Guehl and Gary Heitzenroder generously stepped up and made $1,400 in personal donations for the PVGP charities – a great help during these difficult times.

PVGP executive director Dan DelBianco expressed the gratitude of the Grand Prix and it’s charities “We are grateful for the efforts of the Rolls Royce Owners Club as they support our car show at Schenley Park each year. With the COVID related cancelation of our International Car Show it is really important to find new and creative ways to continue supporting our charities. The Rolls Royce Club has set a great example of how the community can host small events to appreciate cars and still raise funds for charity.”