The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix is just a month away – our Race Week officially starts July 14!

With 10 days consisting of 30 different event registration portals, we understand that it can be difficult to find the correct place to purchase. Below you will find a complete list of events in chronological order. Not all of them require tickets but we thought it best to list everything.

Race Week Events

Kick-Off Rallye Sunday, July 9 Details   REGISTER

Blacktie & Tailpipes Gala Friday, July 14 Details    TICKETS

Historic Races at PIRC July 14-16 Details   TICKETS & PARKING

Shelby Convention at Pitt Race July 13-15  Details   REGISTER YOUR SHELBY

Walnut Street Invitational Monday, July 17. Cars by invitation – show is full. Details There is no cost to spectate

Waterfront Car Cruise Tuesday, July 18 There is a $10 donation per car at the gate – no preregistration

Sewickley Stampede & RoundUp Tuesday, July 18 Parade is full, buy tickets into Rosa’s Cantina Details   TICKETS

Downtown Car Display Wednesday, July 19 – This event is fully subscribed Details

Tune-Up at SouthSide Works  Wednesday, July 19 Details   TICKETS

Countryside Tour Thursday, July 20 – This event is fully subscribed Details

Passport to Elegance Hangar Party Thursday, July 20 Details TICKETS

Patron Parking Sunday, July 23 Details    REGISTER YOUR CAR

Caliente International Car Show at Schenley Park July 22/23

Patron Parking Sunday, July 23  Details    REGISTER YOUR CAR

Race Weekend – Spectators July 22/23   Details     TICKETS & PARKING  

American Car Show  Details     REGISTER YOUR CAR

Asian Car Show  Details     REGISTER YOUR CAR

BMW Car Show  Details    REGISTER YOUR BMW


Mercedes-Benz Car Show  Details     REGISTER YOUR MERCEDES-BENZ

Audi Car Show  Details     REGISTER YOUR AUDI

Volkswagen Car Show  Details     REGISTER YOUR VW

Porsche Car Show  Details     REGISTER YOUR PORSCHE

Misc European Car Show  Details     REGISTER YOUR EUROPEAN CAR

MINI Car Show & Parade  Details     REGISTER YOUR MINI

Italian Cortile Car Show  Details    REGISTER YOUR ITALIAN CAR

Ferrari Marque of the Year Car Show  Details    REGISTER YOUR FERRARI

French Quarter Car Show  Details     REGISTER YOUR FRENCH CAR

Panoz Spotlight Car Show   REGISTER YOUR CAR

Motorbike Show Details    REGISTER YOUR MOTORBIKE